project development


We not only retrofit and re-purpose containers, we build them from the ground up. Depending on the scale and requirements of the project, this bifurcated approach makes sure that your build takes advantage of the most suitable production and modification method available. We have the capacity of delivering a 10 storey, 400 container build, with every container possessing a specific structural composition to fit within a pre-determined slot once on-site, all in 3-5 months.


One of the great advantages of building with containers is the centralized nature of production. All of the equipment and materials are on hand for swift assembly; effectively keeping site-work to a minimum and rendering travel time a thing of the past.

  1. Assessment
  2. Design
  3. Design
  4. Sign off
  5. Pre-production
  6. Production
  7. Installation

exceptional quality

Giant is a design-driven company. We get excited when a client of ours has a “crazy idea”, we’ve had many ourselves. Containerization wouldn’t be where it is today without thinking outside the box this is a phenomenon that we continue to carry forward. Our engaged production team takes pride in their work, and the work speaks for itself.


Our roots in transportation and logistics allow us to utilize a global network to ensure that where you locate your project, we are able to deliver. To achieve cost effective ocean, rail & truck freight, each container meets ISO specifications. This is ensured during the design phase, all external components are made to be easily deployed on site, and transported within the unit. Global trade has relied on the container industry for over 70 years; why not base your next project on one of the most highly engineered products in history.