About Us

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Giant IDEAS is not-for-profit, a youth-empowering organization that enhances student abilities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) through experiential and practical applications.

We’re strong believers that skills developed through STEM are integral to lifelong success.

At Giant, the principles of IDEAS (Innovation, Design, Engineering, Architecture, Sustainability) are employed by students to identify and solve challenges. By sharing our idea methodology, Giant seeks to inspire our young, enterprising minds around the world to innovate via the formation and nurturing of their own set of problem-solving abilities.


Giant IDEAS is designed to break down barriers that stigmatize STEM through mentorship.

Our youth-oriented workshops, internships and field trips directly engage students with STEM on an experiential level.

Due to our high-impact programming initiatives, we empower our participants with the educational and exploratory resources that train them to identify, process and imaginatively solve problems.

This will advance their communicative skills and breed confidence.

IDEAS prepares them for a wide range of employment opportunities, many provided by STEM, and enables our apprentices to entertain new perspectives.

IDEAs also injects creative – and critical – thought processes into their solutions.


Our resume includes residential, commercial, retail, and industrial projects; whatever the obstacle, an eco-friendly, affordable, custom enclosure is the best solution.

Our commitment to quality prefabricated construction and craftsmanship allows us to produce cost-effective sustainable living and working spaces in a timely fashion.


To offer students the technical and transformational abilities collected through STEM-derived curriculum. 


The experience gained through Giant IDEAS will naturally develop students into our confident leaders of tomorrow.